AgriLivestock Myanmar 2018 – Myanmar’s No.1 International Livestock, Feed and Agriculture Exhibition and Conference is making its way to the Myanmar Expo Hall, Yangon from 6-8 December 2018. Capitalizing on the growing industry, Myanmar’s economy is projected to grow impressively.

The largest country in Southeast Asia, with a labour force of 18 million people, about 70% of the population are involved in the Livestock, Feed and Agriculture industry. Livestock breeding and the fishery sector contributes 3.4% of Myanmar’s Gross Domestic Product while the private sector accounts for 98% of livestock breeding.

Emerging from the depths of isolation after decades of junta rule, Myanmar is opening the doors to the outside world, driven by the escalating force of the industrial sector. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated Myanmar’s GDP to be 6.7%, an acceleration compared to last year’s figure of 5.9%, as a result of the country’s recovering but booming agriculture sector.

As the demand for a wider variety of proteins including meat and eggs has been on a growth streak, the livestock, feed and agriculture industry plays a role as the backbone of the Myanmar economy. Given its massive and abundant resources with excellent market positioning, the nation has large growth and major investments to look forward to that would greatly increase their production capabilities in this sector, as well as for agrochemicals.

This business-to-business platform is a key opportunity to nurture your business in order to build and expand your brand presence in the country. Held concurrently with AgriFood Myanmar 2018, this event is expected to bring together more than 200 international and local companies and brands from countries including Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

Whether your objective is to conduct market feasibility studies, seek local partners and distributors, increase existing market share in Myanmar, or simply just to maintain relationships with key clients while looking for new opportunities with foreign partners, you can be assured your needs or objectives will be met at AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2018.

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