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    Calling all professionals in the feed and livestock industry, you are invited to visit AGRILIVESTOCK CAMBODIA 2018 – Cambodia’s No.1 International Feed & Livestock Industry Show. The event is taking place in three weeks, from 1 to 3 November 2018, at the Diamond Island Exhibition & Convention Centre in Phnom Penh. Returning in its third edition this year, this will be the biggest gathering for the feed and livestock industry in Cambodia.

Below is a preview of some companies you will meet at AGRILIVESTOCK CAMBODIA 2018 along with their offerings for the expo.
    GARTECH provides a variety of poultry-breeding equipment including Layers, Breeders, Broilers and Pullets with full automation like Feed Automation Systems, Silos, Egg Collection Systems, Ventilation Systems, Manure Handling Systems, etc. The company’s brands: G E ROYAL PLUS+ (A-Frame) and G E ULTIMA (H-Type) are available for layers, breeders and pullets.

GARTECH specializes in developing “Broiler Battery”, a cost-efficient livestock keeping method that uses a very reliable system. The GARTECH Broiler System is characterized by its extreme ease of operation; the cage boxes made up of Bezinal 2000 wire while the system components are made of top-quality galvanized steel.
    Based in Singapore and incorporated in 2011, Nutricomm Asia Pte Ltd is led by a team of experienced professionals who specialise in trading and shipping animal protein. The company holds expert knowledge in the supply of quality meals, product distribution and the requirements of manufacturers of animal feed and organic fertilizers.

Throughout the years they have built a large network of international suppliers and clients and have forged direct exclusive supply partnerships with renderers and animal protein producers who can guarantee high quality products with separate production lines.

Nutricomm Asia sells to most countries in Southeast Asia, to large international clients as well as smaller local partners. Thanks to their large volumes, the company is able to offer competitive price to our customers.
    SALMET GmbH & Co KG manufactures high-quality poultry equipment in its own production facilities, offers innovative technological solutions and continuously tests all of its systems in its own farms. So SALMET is in a position to combine the experience from egg production with the development of equipment designed to meet the highest standards in everyday poultry practice.

More than 50 years after its foundation, SALMET is a globally acknowledged manufacturer of systems for poultry farming. SALMET is represented worldwide by its subsidiaries, sales staff and partners. SALMET offers systems for rearing, laying, layer breeder and broilers for conventional and alternative farming. The different systems are designed to complement each other in terms of efficiency.
    _VALLI SPA  
    Valli manufactures all models of layer cages from 2 to 12 tiers, including all models of the enriched colony systems, all models of rearing cages from 2 to 12 tiers, all model of enriched cages, alternative systems/aviary and layer breeders, feeding systems (hoppers, flat chain, spiral), egg collection systems (lifters, de-escalators, elevators or rod conveyors), drinking equipment (nipple, cups, water tanks), manure handling and drying systems, (scrapers, augers, belts, chain conveyors), feed bins and feed augers, automatic broiler cages, and turnkey projects.  
    A few booth spaces are still available for any who are interested to invest or do business in Cambodia’s livestock industry. If you would like to know more about exhibiting at AGRILIVESTOCK CAMBODIA 2018, click on the link below to register, or visit the website at www.agrilivestock.net.

If you are planning to visit AGRILIVESTOCK CAMBODIA 2018, we are pleased to inform you that admission to the expo is FREE! So don’t wait, pre-register today and get ready for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For more information, please contact Ms Vichera at vichera@ambtarsus.com. See you there!


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