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    Korea’s CheilJedang (CJ) Group is set to feature an excellent array of quality feed products at AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2018 – Myanmar’s No.1 International Livestock, Feed & Agriculture Industry Exhibition and Conference. The Group will be joining 300 other exhibitors represented by country Pavilions from Malaysia, China, India, Turkey, Korea and Singapore. Held at the MEP, Mindama in Yangon on 6-8 December 2018, these companies will be displaying a wide range of the latest in feed and additives, animal health & nutrition as well as animal rearing equipment.
    CJ Feed has been the frontrunner in advancing Korea’s livestock industry through its feed products and breeding skills since 1973. Operating 19 manufacturing plants and more than 1,000 livestock farms spread over 5 different countries, the company aims to continue expanding its business globally.

The scope of CJ’s livestock integration ranges from the provision of quality breeding stock to feed production, breeding management, product manufacturing right down to the distribution of the final products. Their manufacturing plants have been awarded the industry’s first ISO 9001 Standard in 2001 as well as the HACCP Standard in 2002.

CJ’s Feed Livestock experts possess both theoretical and practical knowledge obtained through the Group’s systematic education and support programs. Their experts make regular visits to farms and attend technology seminars to provide the best feed products and breeding management skills to customers.
Co-located with AGRIMYANMAR 2018 – Myanmar’s No.1 International Agriculture Production Industry Exhibition and Conference, AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2018 is expected to garner an attendance of over 8,000 trade visitors and professionals. Whether your objective is to conduct market feasibility studies, seek local partners and distributors, increase existing market share in Myanmar, or simply just to maintain relationships with key clients while looking for new opportunities with foreign partners, AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2018 aims to meet your goals and needs.

This International Exhibition is organised by AMB Tarsus Events Group, a leading trade show organizer in Asia, with multiple portfolios in other countries around South and Southeast Asia such as Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

Join CJ Feed at AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2018 and expand your network today! Kindly contact Ms. Thu Thu at thuthu@ambtarsus.com or Mr. Darren at darren@ambtarsus.com  to book your preferred booth location.